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Asphalt sealant: the short- and long-term advantages

05 Nov Asphalt sealant: the short- and long-term advantages

It’s inevitable: keeping your asphalt surface in good condition may in some cases require a bit of maintenance. Applying a sealant intended for asphalt therefore proves very advantageous for anyone who wants to protect their asphalt. On the other hand, beyond the apprehensions surrounding asphalt sealants, there are fast, easy, and effective solutions for protecting your asphalt surface.

A fresh look

First of all, using a sealant gives a fresh new look to the asphalt without necessarily having to completely redo it; it also ensures that the quality doesn’t degrade over time and due to bad weather. Using a sealant lets you maintain a new look, protects the pavement, but above all, it does the asphalt justice by restoring its youthful glow! It’s an effective, inexpensive way to preserve the original condition of your asphalt.

Environmentally friendly and easy to apply

Applying a sealant is easy. Sweeping the asphalt surface thoroughly to clear away rocks, dust, sand, and other unwanted residue allows for simpler application. Asphalt sealant is beneficial for surface maintenance and is applied just like painting a wall in a house; the sealant is applied using a roller, thereby ensuring that the condition of your surface is preserved.

In addition, asphalt sealants don’t use chemical or toxic products that could damage the environment. In the same vein, using a sealant also lets you prevent asphalt degradation caused by the various fertilizers that may be used on the lawns often located near the pavement. Applying a sealant doesn’t emit strong odours and gives the pavement back its characteristic black finish.

Quality and durability

By applying a sealant, you give a fresh colour back to your asphalt surface and guarantee its cohesion for years to come. You also limit the chances of erosion and deterioration due to bad weather or the whims of Mother Nature. This ensures that the lifespan of your asphalt is extended by taking steps from the very beginning. Using a sealant on an asphalt surface therefore lets you keep your pavement looking young and fresh at a low cost. By preserving this new, pristine look, you also make sure that the asphalt doesn’t crack or break down, limiting the appearance of holes (known as “potholes”) and preventing the surface from collapsing.

Easy to maintain

If the surface to which the sealant is applied is used as a parking space for cars or trucks, the sealant has the advantage of not retaining oil or gas spills; products that leak will run off and can therefore be cleaned effectively without damaging or staining the pavement, which would change the look and colour consistency of the surface. A well-sealed surface can reduce all signs of wear and tear caused by tires or oil spills.

Finally, a surface to which a sealant is applied proves over time to be one where cracks are held at bay for a long time, which helps make sealant use profitable, since it’s much cheaper and simpler than redoing the asphalt.

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