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Parking lot marking: what are your needs?

05 Nov Parking lot marking: what are your needs?

Depending on the type of industry, it’s normal that needs in terms of parking lot marking and safety change. It’s therefore essential to know how to identify your specific needs and surround yourself with a strong team to achieve a result that’s both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Parking lots

Parking lot line painting plays a very important role in everything related to proper traffic flow and safety. Well-marked parking lots guarantee a high movement rate that’s safe for drivers as well as pedestrians and cyclists. By enabling the standardization of parking areas, marking also ensures good driving and compliance with the Highway Code. Clients therefore increase efficiency and save time by having access to a clearly defined parking area.

Bicycle paths

The road is shared by cars, trucks, and cyclists, but the bicycle path remains the preferred place to practice this sport. To keep it safe, the bicycle path must be properly marked. In addition to ensuring safety along the route, bike path marking ensures proper orientation for those using this route. Whether it’s a bike path in the city or in nature, Lignes-Fit’s work respects environmental standards, and we guarantee the quality of our work through (among other things) the use of high-quality products, which ensures that the marking lasts, despite bad weather and over time.


When it comes to schools, it can sometimes be appealing to have the playground marked out. Capable of marking out several different play areas, marking your asphalt surface also gives your schoolyard a more attractive look! Children will be extra motivated to go use the new dodgeball grounds or the new hockey surface. Lignes-Fit’s marking lets you think outside the monotonous box of exclusively black pavement, allowing you to add some colour and make the playground much more fun.


The need to mark runways and landing strips is very important in the field of air transport. Since airports are places of very high traffic, it’s extremely necessary that the runways are used properly and carefully to ensure the safety of each passenger, pilot, and worker. At Lignes-Fit, we offer personalized marking and line painting services. We can also clean the old surface using the scarification technique, which lets the asphalt surface regain its original smoothness. We can therefore develop a marking plan with you that clearly meets the needs of the various types of airport marking while also respecting international standards in the aviation field.

Lignes-Fit is proud to offer personalized asphalt marking service. Whether it’s for airports, bicycle paths, schools, or parking lots, the quality of Lignes-Fit’s work exceeds industry standards. Our professionalism is based on our ability to adapt as well as our versatility. Have an indoor project? No problem: we offer a wide range of possibilities, all created according to your needs and scale.

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