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Asphalt sealant

Strengthen your asphalt using a sealant is an effective and inexpensive preventive approach.

Lignes-Fit is able to work on any paved surfaces, regardless of the age or level of degradation.

Consolidating, protecting and sealing your asphalt is our mission.

Refresh your parking areas or roads to provide your visitors with a smooth and harmonious asphalt.

  • Fast drying time

  • Professional products

  • Flawless aesthetic result without application marks

  • Crack bridging of any size

Many causes can result in degradation and exposed cracks on surfaces. Asphalt, a soft and flexible material, suffers in bad weather, cold and heat, gas or oil spills and the loads it supports daily. Especially in our region, the harsh climate affects the good performance of your asphalt: the freeze-thaw cycles weaken the asphalt and its components become less resistant to the seasons.

Laying an asphalt sealant is an aesthetics and safety guarantee. This process will help reduce the risk of accidents and collisions. You give your paths all the adhesion they deserve. And with Lignes-Fit’s technical skills and expertise, you will enjoy a perfect visual result: your asphalt will be like new again, uniform and homogeneous. You offer your residents and users a more comfortable drive.

We use only top quality products, known for their effectiveness. Their actions are diversed: they strengthen and slow the deterioration of your soil while protecting it from water seepage. We also fight against all forms of fissures and cracks: our team easily fills these undesirable indentations.

Certified services

Certified services

Contact us for a free quote!

Contact us for a free quote!

Custom evaluation

Need a specific advice for your your situation? Contact our team to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs. We are committed to be present with each client to raise any eventual concerns from the very first contact.

Enhanced response times

Lignes-Fit has built its reputation on the quality of its customer service. We are aware of the urgency of certain situations and we are committed to act promptly to protect your paving and comply with safety standards.

Long-term effectiveness

The professional products we use are recognized for the quality of their components. They allow the asphalt to breathe and increase the sustainability of its adhesive properties. Our crack filling allows you to enjoy asphalt with a uniform and homogeneous texture.

Asphalt sealer company in Quebec | Asphalt coating