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The advantages of quality parking lot marking

08 Jan The advantages of quality parking lot marking

It’s essential to have meticulous parking lot marking and signage, whether you’re building a private or public parking lot, for a condo or a business, in a covered space or outdoors, since only quality marking can easily be understood and respected by all the users who may co-exist there in complete safety.

User safety: priority number one

Parking lot line marking significantly affects user safety: quality marking clearly delineates parking areas, encouraging respect for traffic regulations and facilitating traffic flow. With well-marked parking lots, boundaries are better respected and users are less likely to encroach upon a neighbouring space, which can be a real problem, especially when it comes to parking spaces designated for people with reduced mobility.

Well-marked parking spaces are visible, readable, and even, contributing to optimal traffic flow. Traffic is fluid and moves about calmly, and user safety is maintained for motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.

In indoor parking lots, the horizontal marking should be accompanied by vertical signage on the walls and posts, materializing traffic flow.

Quality marking lasts a long time

To achieve quality marking, the marking solution should be evaluated based on the type of surface to be marked. These days, there are essentially two marking solutions for surfaces:

  • Surface paint

More common and affordable than resin, surface paint is easily identified by users. Its bright colour contrasts well with the asphalt, which makes it visible for motorists and visually impaired people, regardless of the ambient light. For paved surfaces, specially formulated solvent-free paints that adhere perfectly to asphalt, tarmac, and concrete are available on the market. However, surface paint has the disadvantage of quickly getting dirty as vehicles travel over it, leaving traces of tires, gasoline, etc. It also requires regular cleaning to keep it visible and readable. For outdoor parking lots used at night, there are reflective paints that contain glass beads designed to reflect more light.

  • Polyurethane or epoxy resin

More expensive than surface paint, resin lets you vary the colour and better resists frequent vehicle passages as well as rain, sun, and extreme cold. For those reasons, it’s highly recommended for marking outdoor parking lots. Over time, the aggregates in the resin break free from the binder, which underscores the need to redo the marking.

Whether you use paint or resin, a glossy finish helps strengthen the visibility of the marking, and the addition of aggregates allows for better adhesion to the surface, which would otherwise be slippery when it rains.

Without maintenance, both paint and resin are resistant to time and last for several years. The simple application of a new layer over the old surface ensures an impeccable finish, allowing for a visibility and readability that’s just like new.

It’s essential that parking lot marking be of high quality in order to be respected by and safe for all users. For outdoor parking lots that don’t allow for vertical marking, the surface marking should be complemented by vertical traffic signs to ensure optimal safety for everyone.

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