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About us

Why choose Lignes-Fit?

Line marking, road signage, cleaning and asphalt sealing: we take care of your surfaces and your roads!

Advice and expertise

Our profession requires expertise and technical skills. We advise and take care of every customer throughout the process to determine the ideal solution.

Listening and reacting

Our team consists of qualified professionals, eager to respond as soon as possible.


We commit to do the work quickly, taking into account the constraints of managing your infrastructure. We act discreetly to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Certified Products

Our products and professional grade equipment meets environmental regulations.


Young entrepreneur from the Laurentians region, wanting to help and easy to communicate with, Jean-Benoit Malard has always wanted to start his own business. The gamble paid off when he launched Lignes-Fit in 2009, out of interest for the urban sector. Today, Jean-Benoit is proud to be at the head of a company that employs ten people and has a large selection of specialized equipment, operating across all of Quebec.


Operations management and customer service specialist, Francis Toupin is an ally and a partner of choice for Lignes-Fit. With his eight years of experience in signage and line marquing, Francis ensures the quality of work and excellent service to all his customers.


Lignes-Fit supports its clients (local communities, schools, individuals, companies, etc.) in their surface marking projects and indoor and outdoor parking throughout Quebec.


Since its creation in 2009, Lignes-Fit has diversified its services to create an urban environment that meets all your needs, in strict compliance with safety and traffic standards. We also offer road signage, cleaning, Blastrac, scarification and asphalt sealing service. All of the products and equipment we use comply with the regulations of the ministers of environment and transport in Quebec.

Lignes-Fit has always combined dedication and professionalism: we want you to enjoy a high quality of service and develop a relationship of trust with you.


Whether you are an individual, professional or commissioned by the public sector, Lignes-Fit guarantees a durable and aesthetic result, based on the most economical and most reliable option for you. The completion of the work is done in full transparency: the Lignes-Fit experience is based entirely on your satisfaction!


Some of our equipment

Certified services

Certified services

Contact us for a free quote!

Contact us for a free quote!

About Lignes Fit