Line marking

Entrust Your Marking Project to Lignes-Fit

Line marking is the core of our business. Thanks to our experience, we are able to respond to all requests accurately and as quickly as possible.

Whether it is for marking indoor or outdoor parking, tracing a new bike path, signage within an airport or road marking, Lignes-Fit meets the diverse needs of municipalities, businesses and individuals.

When you are tired of the footprints left on your asphalt, we also offer the scarifying service to remove your markings and logos.

Road striping

Lines-Fit is pleased to present its new acquisition, a road striping truck that will meet a great demand.

Special projects

Whether it’s for a pedestrian street, a green alley, distinctive pedestrian crossings, acrylic sports surface for heat islands, our team will accompany you in the design of this project.


A fast and quality execution is our motto.


Ongoing support to answer your questions throughout all stages of the project.


A great flexibility whatever the needs and requirements, as much for municipalities, companies and individuals.

Our work

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