Line marking and parking line company in Quebec | Lignes Fit
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Line marking

Roads, bike paths, playgrounds, indoor marking, etc.

Lignes-Fit has a great versatility: it adapts to any project and traces the most diverse lines.

Trace your project with Lignes-Fit and stand out!

A clear and precise marking ensures user safety. In this area, we have a good eye to ensure consistent layouts, in line with your personal or regulatory requirements.

  • Interior and exterior work

  • A multitude of possibilities depending on your situation

  • Great adaptability no matter the support and the surface to be covered

  • Powerful professional equipment, environment and regulation friendly

Line marking is our core business: we trace your environment as desired. We enjoy working with municipalities as well as with companies and individuals. With our experience in line marking, we were able to diversify our services and fulfill your requirements in no time.

Indoor and outdoor parking, bicycle lanes, implementation of traffic signs (road, airport, etc.): Lignes-Fit aligns with your current needs. Lignes-Fit also works to create playful and ergonomic schoolyards, and designs original and colorful playgrounds.

And when you’re tired of the footprints left on your asphalt, we erase your marks and logos through scarification, to restore the original rawness of your floor and accommodate new traces.

Contact us to learn more about all the services that Lignes-Fit can provide.

Certified services

Certified services

Contact us for a free quote!

Contact us for a free quote!

Communication and reactivity

Your project is important to us and deserves a full investment on our end. Our team is here to answer all your questions at all stages of the work and will accompany you during each stage of the marking.

Precision and professionalism

Line marking can not be improvised. It requires specialized technical skills. Our team was formed with precision and rigor for a result that meets your expectations.

Quick implementation and respect for your activities

Our experience allows us to perform the work in tight deadlines while providing an exemplary quality of service. We know how to limit the inconvenience caused by work on a particular site and are committed to deliver our services in strict compliance with your operation.

Line marking and parking line company