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Our cleaning service is available anytime

to clean any type of surface. We freshen your surfaces and roads for everyone’s comfort and safety.

Lignes-Fit offers you more for cleaning.

Lignes-Fit has all the tools and knowledge to give your surfaces the color and appearance of its early days.

  • A team specialized in maintenance and cleaning

  • A brush fleet serving the cleanliness of the surfaces

  • A rigorous and thorough cleaning

  • Suitable for all soil pollution levels

Cleaning your surfaces is an essential preventive act if you want to give your surfaces an optimum lifetime. A spotlessly clean surface, free of impurities and undesirable marks, ensures the readability of your markings. To ensure the visibility and consistency of your horizontal lines, use our cleaning service to provide the clarity and transparency you need.

No need to engage in extravagant expenditures to revitalize the colors of your markings and your surfaces. Wheter they’re cemented or asphalted, our professional and industrial equipment, consisting of mechanical and vacuum cleaners, overcomes even the most stubborn dirt. We also have a tanker, ideal for a deep cleaning. Lignes-fit is also able to clean up bike paths and underground parking.

To clean your indoor or outdoor parking, your roads, your highways, your warehouse, your plants or even for construction sites, use Lignes-Fit and their team of experts that will purify your work places with professionalism.

Certified services

Certified services

Contact us for a free quote!

Contact us for a free quote!

Suitable for all your cleaning needs

Our team and our equipment can meet a variety of demands to clean floors and surfaces./p>

Fast and efficient service

We act quickly because we are aware that a tarnished or dirty coating can affect the proper use of your infrastructure.

Machinery at the cutting edge of technology

Our equipment is suitable both for the regular maintenance of your paths, roads and warehouses as well as for more specific needs.

Road cleaning, floor and surface cleaning company